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The Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) provides independent advice to the EPA Administrator on the technical bases for EPA's National Ambient Air Quality Standards.


  • CASAC Reports
    • 09/27/2023 CASAC Review of the EPA’s Policy Assessment for the Review of the Secondary National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Oxides of Nitrogen, Oxides of Sulfur and Particulate Matter (External Review Draft – May 2023)
    • 09/18/2023 Consultation on the EPA’s Integrated Review Plan for the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Lead. Volume 3: Planning Document for Quantitative Exposure/Risk Analyses (May 2023)
    • 09/18/2023 CASAC Review of the EPA’s Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for Lead (External Review Draft – March 2023)
  • Agency Responses
  More Reports and Agency Responses

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